Modern Vocal Groups Vol 1 Серия: Modern Vocal Groups инфо 2454i.

Издание содержит небольшой буклет с дополнительной информацией на английском языке Содержание 1 Love Only You "The Meadowlarks" 2 That's What The Good Book Says Бобби Нанн, "The Robbiаюйжоns" 3 Let Me Be You Man "The Five Hearts" 4 Be Cool My Heart Оскар Маклолли, "Honey Jumpers" 5 I Had A Love "The Flairs" 6 You Better Stop "The Original Jubalaires" 7 I Wanna Love Артур Ли Майе, "Theбмвфе Crowns" 8 Sacrolliac Swing "The Drifters" 9 I Made A Vow "The Robins" 10 Dreaming Of The Ladies In The Moon "The Original Jubalaires" 11 Love Me Tonight Оскар Маклолли, "Honey Jumpers" 12 Forever Марвин Филлипс, "The Barons" 13 Set My Heart Free Артур Ли Майе, "The Crowns" 14 Tell Me You Love Me "The Flairs" 15 Native Girl "The Native Boys" 16 Found Me A Sugar Daddбснчбy Микки Чампион, "The Nic Nacs" 17 Falling In Love With You Оскар Маклолли, "Honey Jumpers" 18 The Fine One "The Five Hearts" 19 Real Pretty Mama "The Meadowlarks" 20 It Won't Take Long "The Native Boys" 21 Please Please Baby "The Five Hearts" 22 Double Crossin' Baby "The Robins" 23 Waiting All My Life For You "The Original Jubalaires" 24 The World Is Changing "The Drifters" Исполнители (показать всех исполнителей) "The Meadowlarks" Бобби Нанн Bobby Nunn "The Robbins".