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English Together Pupils' Book 3 Издательства: Longman, Pearson Education Limited, 2002 г Мягкая обложка, 80 стр ISBN 0-582-02067-0 инфо 2369i.

English Together 3: The Golden Globe English Together is a three stage course for children (with an optional Starter Book for younger beginners or those not familiar with the Roman alphabet) English Togethаюймюer is based on the belief that children learn best by working together, playing together, exploring the new language together It gives a lot of opportunities for children to cooperate to solve problems, express opinions, and to enjoy themselves by playing games, doingбмвчл puzzles and singing together Pupils' Book In the third stage of the course, pupils follow an exciting TV treasure hunt to find "The Golden Globe" The knowledge they acquired in their first two years of English is developed further They continue to learn about the world around them and they build up their general study skills, working with maps and reference material - Easy to teach, even for large classes; - Language selection is based on what is useful and natural; бсншц- Language is integrated and re-woven so that there is constant revision built in; - Contains a wide variety of practice activities, songs, rhymes and games; - Cross-curricular teaching, with Factfiles about topics such as buried treasure and secret codes; - Magazine revision units provide extra variety Издание на английском языке Авторы Дайана Уэбстэр Diana Webster Энн Уорэлл Anne Worrall.

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