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Pro SQL Server Reporting Services Издательство: APRS, 2004 г Мягкая обложка, 296 стр ISBN 1-59059-423-1 инфо 13611h.

SQL Server Reporting Services is the long-awaited reporting technology from Microsoft, providing the means to design, author, render and deploy business reports to users, customers and employees, via the web oаюзввr the company intranet The reporting engine is built in to the SQL Server 2005 database (and provided as a free add-on with SQL Server 2000) and the report manager is integrated with Visual Studio 2003, providing an effective and familiar environment for all SQL Serveбмбжеr and NET developers This book takes a critical look at each step in the process of designing, creating, and delivering professional reports using SSRS, covering: - A detailed overview of the reporting architecture and tools; - The new Report Definition Language Standard, which is XML-based and allows you to define reports in VSNET; - Building effective queries for high-performance reporting; - Building custom NET applications with SSRS; - Rendering reports to HTML, XML, PDF andбснйу Excel; - Deploying secure reports, using Windows authentication through Active directory; - Business Intelligence reporting using SQL Server Analysis Services The authors have extensive experience with SQL Server and, specifically, with the production of professional reports in the medical industry, which is subject to rigorous HIPAA regulations and strict security As a result, this book provides an in-depth and highly practical examination of this technology, giving the reader with the knowledge they need to be able to build interactive, versatile reports, using many types of data sources, and to deploy them efficiently and securely Авторы Rodney Landrum Walter J Voytek II.

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